Thursday, October 27, 2011

Interview with the head of the Global Holotropic Breathwork School GTT.

Tav Sparks is the Director at Grof Transpersonal Training and is the person that Stanislav Grof entrusted with the development of his school and technique Holotropic Breathwork since his retirement. Working with thousands of people in enhanced states of awareness for over 20 years Tav is amongst the world’s most experienced people in helping people access their inner healing power. Tav, for me has been the greatest spiritual teacher I have come across yet. He has a real honesty and fantastic energy when talking about how we can harness the power of our higher selves. His style of delivery and perspective on consciousness really works for me. In this short chat I asked him about the power of working with mandalas as a technique for bringing the contents of our unconscious into to our awareness. I think this video is a good way for me to share with you how the Holotropic perspective has explicitly influenced my work with mandalas. Enjoy

Monday, October 17, 2011

Shell Cottage Mandala Workshop

The last mandala work shop was outstanding, made all the more special by the location:

The group of people that attended were really magical and by the end of the day every one felt that little step closer to wholeness.

I was personally encouraged again by how this work can connect with a wide range of people in different ways.

The unconscious really does emerge differently for everyone, but the process is active in all of us.

Here are the beautiful mandalas made on the day: