Monday, May 23, 2011

April 2011 - Dunderry Park Workshop

The workshop last month was really wonderful.

The setting Dunderry Park really made it extra special. Such beautiful nature surrounds this lovely house and cushions it in a lovely embrace. Thank you so much to the wonderful host Martin Duffy (who also attended and created a mandala).

I am learning more and more with each workshop I facilitate. I am continually filled with enthusiasm to see the unique expression of each individual.

Above all it is my belief in the inner healer of each participant that motivates me most. It is a joy to see how people awaken to deeper parts of themselves through this creative process.

Below are some of the mandalas from the day (some people chose to truly embrace impermanence and not take a photo)

I have posted the images below as a separate post.

A heart felt thank you to all who attended and I really look forward to meeting again with you soon,

Love and light


Beata Stanek - April 2011

Anna Sofia-Ramos - April 2011

Eldon Hilliard - April 2011

Martin Duffy - April 2011

Patricia Cooney - April 2011

Shana Dulce Neves - April 2011