Friday, January 21, 2011

The Web of Athena

I love this symbol. Based on the number 7 it as a really powerful shape to open you up to rich inner experiences. This particaular mandala was made by my good friend Danni at one of the workshops last year. The principle of seveness is really quite awe inspiring. Including the spectrum of light, the musical scale, the chakra system and the seven hermetic principles amongst other things...... wonderful!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cosmological Circle

This is the Cosmological Circle. It appears as the floor plan of Stonehenge, as Plato's ideal city of Magnesia, the rose window in Chartres Cathedral as well as the revelation of St. John. It dipicts the harmonious relationship between the earth and the moon. This shape has led me to discover the majesty of the archetypal domain and how this infiltrates my personal experience of reality!

Sri Yantra

This is an image of the Sri Yantra. It has a rich history and originates in the Tantric Tradition of India. It is probably amongst the most well known mandalas and has provided me with some of the most significant inward journeys.

Metatrons Cube

For the first few posts I would just like to share some images of the four archetypal shapes I work with. This is metatrons cube and is really an exquisite geometric symbol. It has a power and depth to it that I really look forward to sharing with you in upcomming posts. But first some more images....... 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just launched website!

I have just put my website for mandalanature up today. It actually feels quite exciting, if a little mind boggling. I can hardly distinguish my youtube account from my blogger account, not to mention facebook or twitter..... it certainly feels like a different world to the one I have been living in for the last while. But I am embracing it!