Thursday, October 27, 2011

Interview with the head of the Global Holotropic Breathwork School GTT.

Tav Sparks is the Director at Grof Transpersonal Training and is the person that Stanislav Grof entrusted with the development of his school and technique Holotropic Breathwork since his retirement. Working with thousands of people in enhanced states of awareness for over 20 years Tav is amongst the world’s most experienced people in helping people access their inner healing power. Tav, for me has been the greatest spiritual teacher I have come across yet. He has a real honesty and fantastic energy when talking about how we can harness the power of our higher selves. His style of delivery and perspective on consciousness really works for me. In this short chat I asked him about the power of working with mandalas as a technique for bringing the contents of our unconscious into to our awareness. I think this video is a good way for me to share with you how the Holotropic perspective has explicitly influenced my work with mandalas. Enjoy

Monday, October 17, 2011

Shell Cottage Mandala Workshop

The last mandala work shop was outstanding, made all the more special by the location:

The group of people that attended were really magical and by the end of the day every one felt that little step closer to wholeness.

I was personally encouraged again by how this work can connect with a wide range of people in different ways.

The unconscious really does emerge differently for everyone, but the process is active in all of us.

Here are the beautiful mandalas made on the day:








Monday, June 27, 2011

Belinteer House Mandala Workshop June 4th 2011

Last month's workshop was a great success.

There was an amazing group of people and once again a wide range of experiences.

I can definitely say that the feeling by the end of the day was one of real positivity and a 'feel-good after glow' for all.

I also LOVE the location. The little room is so cute and I couldn't dream up a nicer room for this work. It has privacy, lovely light, and even a regular supply of tea and treats from the lovely staff from the hotel.

This location is definitely going to be be a regular spot for the workshops. Keep and eye on the schedule page.

Stephen Corcoran

Rosemary Lennon-Maher

Ally Tracy

 Geoff Fitzpatrick

Niall O'Beirne

Niamh O'Beirne

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not Knowing Can Set You Free

Are Crop Circles man made? Who built the Pyramids? Does consciousness survive the death of the body? These are questions I have pondered for many years. At certain times I feel I have 'got the answer'! at others I am uncertain and bemused.

Last month I attended a week long Holotropic Breathwork module in NY in the beautiful Menla Mountain Retreat centre. I am absolutely amazed at the power of this technique for exploring consciousness. I got some great insights.

We live in a culture that seems to be most uncomfortable with anything being left unknown. Let's take Crop Circles as an example. You will find it easy to find someone who is convinced they are 'man made'. Similarly it is as easy to find someone arguing they are messages from some off planet intelligence. Much harder is it to find someone who, with an authentic shrug of the shoulders humbly admits 'honestly I don't know'!

I have felt great freedom by accepting the limited nature of my ego. The minute  I am honest with myself and admit that there are many things I just do not know I am filled with a lovely relief. Right now little me (Geoff Fitzpatrick 'father of 2' etc does not know categorically how crop circles are formed.

This surrender to the powerlessness of my ego-self to 'work it all out' is in no way an admission of defeat.

Transpersonal psychology has taught me about the existence of a wisdom that reaches far beyond the scope of our personal selves. In the modern west this idea is often criticised because it doesn't fit our materialist scientific model. But I am convinced of the existence of an intelligence that permeates all of existence. Primarily due to my own personal experience which is supported by the research of this centuries greatest minds.

Nobel laureate Max Planck; esteemed physicist and founder of quantum theory asserts "All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

It is to this higher mind we can hand over our deeper and more complex questions. If you haven't tried this it probably sounds mad. But I promise if you give it a go you will be amazed at what will come to you via your intuition. Try it out. You've nothing to lose.

I did this with my Crop Circle conundrum and was surprised at what was revealed!

Monday, May 23, 2011

April 2011 - Dunderry Park Workshop

The workshop last month was really wonderful.

The setting Dunderry Park really made it extra special. Such beautiful nature surrounds this lovely house and cushions it in a lovely embrace. Thank you so much to the wonderful host Martin Duffy (who also attended and created a mandala).

I am learning more and more with each workshop I facilitate. I am continually filled with enthusiasm to see the unique expression of each individual.

Above all it is my belief in the inner healer of each participant that motivates me most. It is a joy to see how people awaken to deeper parts of themselves through this creative process.

Below are some of the mandalas from the day (some people chose to truly embrace impermanence and not take a photo)

I have posted the images below as a separate post.

A heart felt thank you to all who attended and I really look forward to meeting again with you soon,

Love and light


Beata Stanek - April 2011

Anna Sofia-Ramos - April 2011

Eldon Hilliard - April 2011

Martin Duffy - April 2011

Patricia Cooney - April 2011

Shana Dulce Neves - April 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mandala Workshop Images

The March 2011 workshop was a fantastic success.

Thank you to all the wonderful wonderful people who made the day so special. It was a blessing to be able to share such a wonderful experience with you.

Here are some of the images from the March workshop, pretty amazing in my opinion especially considering it was the very first time for people to use the chak pur tools and these materials.

I particularly love how these mandalas express the unique nature of us all. I mean at the start of the day everyone is given the exact same template (metatrons cube in this case), the exact same colour sands and the same shells. Yet as the day unfolds and the mandalas evolve it is like a collective expression of how different we all our and how we all carry within us our own unique signature.

I will post each image as a separate post below. X

Danni Rrell - March 2011

Ciara Heffernan - March 2011

Sandra Lores - March 2011

Mary Creedon - March 2011

Marie Therese - March 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Carl Gustav Jung and the process of individuation

I am reading this really great book 'The myth of meaning' by Aniela Jaffe (a contemporary of Jung). It is the best explanation of the concept of 'Individuation' as put forward by Jung I have read yet!

Jung split from the dominant view held by psychology in the mid 20th century, which claimed we are born as 'blank canvas's what Freud termed 'Tabula Rasa' = 'Blank Slate'. 

For Jung, there was far more depth to our psyches than this. He asserted that each individual has access to pre-existing, autonomous contents of consciousness. By this he meant that there are forces that operate 'under the surface' in all of us. These forces he termed 'Archetypes'. He saw this archetypal domain consisting of various layers. Each individual has their own cocktail of personal archetypes. Below this there is an area of our psyches termed the Collective Unconscious. Here there are deities, creative principles and patterns common to all humans and accessible to all.

The meaning of life for Jung is the realisation of the Self. This is achieved by bringing these unconscious archetypal principles into the light of our consciousness. When this is done successfully one feels fulfilled, at ease with oneself and an aura of authenticity is emanated. By turning inward and confronting the forces operating within, we firstly become aware of them; but we also free ourselves from being at their mercy, from being blind puppets. Even more significant is the reward of becoming congruent. By opening a door to the forces of the unconscious we are afforded the opportunity to harmonise these inner images with outer reality. This is what Jung termed the PROCESS OF INDIVIDUATION.

By engaging in the process of individuation you get an inkling into the numinosity of the powers operating behind our thinking and doing. It can be conducive to humility and can facilitate a type of surrender to a deeper driver of your destiny.

Now the thing is in our world today with the preference for externally orientated states of being, this rich inner realm is often neglected and relegated to a gnawing background noise. It never goes away of course and drives our lives whether we are conscious of it or not. Our culture seems to have invited us to adopt far too narrow a criteria of success. Externally derived one dimensional materiality can never be a substitute for authentically coming into alignment with the call of your soul. Each of the 6 billion + people on the planet are each as unique as our fingerprints reflect. Everyone will move towards wholeness in entirely different ways totally unique to each individual. The big house, big job, big car criteria of success will never bring the inner fulfillment we seek. Only by turning inward and honestly opening to the inner forces that long to manifest in our world will we enjoy lives steeped in meaning, authenticity and integrity.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love is Cool!

You know the way love is often regarded now days as a little soppy, wishy washy and reserved for idealistic hippies. Well the thing is I have begun to think that this is one of the worst tricks the machine of modern living has played on us. When you look at all the mega-powers of the modern world they are often exclusively fear generators. The news industry for example, the monetary system, most media streams, TV (soap operas), Radio (talk shows) devote their existence the the vibration of fear. I reckon this is the greatest barrier to opening to your real power. For some reason the vibration of Love is like a pathway to the higher reaches of the human psyche. On the contrary fear acts like a barrier and traps you into believing that you do not have access to far more powerful sources of intelligence. So I am proposing a global media campaign to rebuild the street cred of Love. When you think about the greatest of humans - Gandhi,  John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr, Jesus and Buddha....... Love was the mainstay of their message. The best man to spear-head this mission is none other than Bill Hicks. Here is a really great vid from the ending of Zeitgeist one of my favourite movies featuring Bill putting the cool back into Love.......'Just a choice right now between fear and Love!'

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Free Mandala Meditation Coming Soon

Here is a little video blog....... I am rambling a little bit. But will become more succinct with time. This is just little explanation of how I got filled with passion this week to create the very best online meditation I could. So that it can be distributed over the web for free........ I hope to have it ready for download next week.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Web of Athena

I love this symbol. Based on the number 7 it as a really powerful shape to open you up to rich inner experiences. This particaular mandala was made by my good friend Danni at one of the workshops last year. The principle of seveness is really quite awe inspiring. Including the spectrum of light, the musical scale, the chakra system and the seven hermetic principles amongst other things...... wonderful!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cosmological Circle

This is the Cosmological Circle. It appears as the floor plan of Stonehenge, as Plato's ideal city of Magnesia, the rose window in Chartres Cathedral as well as the revelation of St. John. It dipicts the harmonious relationship between the earth and the moon. This shape has led me to discover the majesty of the archetypal domain and how this infiltrates my personal experience of reality!

Sri Yantra

This is an image of the Sri Yantra. It has a rich history and originates in the Tantric Tradition of India. It is probably amongst the most well known mandalas and has provided me with some of the most significant inward journeys.

Metatrons Cube

For the first few posts I would just like to share some images of the four archetypal shapes I work with. This is metatrons cube and is really an exquisite geometric symbol. It has a power and depth to it that I really look forward to sharing with you in upcomming posts. But first some more images....... 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just launched website!

I have just put my website for mandalanature up today. It actually feels quite exciting, if a little mind boggling. I can hardly distinguish my youtube account from my blogger account, not to mention facebook or twitter..... it certainly feels like a different world to the one I have been living in for the last while. But I am embracing it!