Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Love is Cool!

You know the way love is often regarded now days as a little soppy, wishy washy and reserved for idealistic hippies. Well the thing is I have begun to think that this is one of the worst tricks the machine of modern living has played on us. When you look at all the mega-powers of the modern world they are often exclusively fear generators. The news industry for example, the monetary system, most media streams, TV (soap operas), Radio (talk shows) devote their existence the the vibration of fear. I reckon this is the greatest barrier to opening to your real power. For some reason the vibration of Love is like a pathway to the higher reaches of the human psyche. On the contrary fear acts like a barrier and traps you into believing that you do not have access to far more powerful sources of intelligence. So I am proposing a global media campaign to rebuild the street cred of Love. When you think about the greatest of humans - Gandhi,  John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr, Jesus and Buddha....... Love was the mainstay of their message. The best man to spear-head this mission is none other than Bill Hicks. Here is a really great vid from the ending of Zeitgeist one of my favourite movies featuring Bill putting the cool back into Love.......'Just a choice right now between fear and Love!'

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Free Mandala Meditation Coming Soon

Here is a little video blog....... I am rambling a little bit. But will become more succinct with time. This is just little explanation of how I got filled with passion this week to create the very best online meditation I could. So that it can be distributed over the web for free........ I hope to have it ready for download next week.