Monday, December 27, 2010

Four Archetypal Symbols

Hello and thank you for making it to my blog. This is post 1.0 of my first ever blog. I am very pleased to have activated this outlet. Having worked with these archetypal symbols for many years I have had the good fortune of becoming exposed to fantastic inner experiences. I hope this blog becomes a space where I can share what goes on when I am working with these sacred shapes. To get the ball rolling I would like to give an introduction to the four symbols I have chosen to explore. You may ask why only four shapes? Geometry is an infinite field so why reduce it to just four. Well my approach to working with archetypal symbol is to go deep into the symbols, very deep. In fact I believe that you could spend an entire lifetime exploring the vastness of just one archetypal symbol, many lifetimes indeed. These symbols are so powerful - I look at it like developing a long term relationship with them, making a commitment to them similar to a marriage. As your exposure to these symbols deepens they reveal  themselves to you in ever expanding ways. The treasure they unearth will enhance your life in unimaginable ways. To this end my personal preference for working with these symbols is to choose one shape, the one that you feel most called to, the one that resonates most or just simply feels right. Commit to that symbol and begin to develop a relationship with it. I have a portfolio of just 4 archetypal shapes. To a certain degree I feel that these shapes have chosen me rather than I having any significant influence over the decision. I regard myself simply as an ambassador of these shapes and feel compelled to promote their value and distribute them to the best of my ability. I will list and outline the four symbols that create the mandalanature portfolio in my next few posts. Thus clarifying the specific shapes and laying the foundation for diving deeper into the experiences offered through working with these sacred circles.